Shrine Counselling

Life, these days, is tougher than ever. In a fast changing world, man undergoes an enormous amount of stress.

If we look around we will see so many people who suffer inwardly:

  • men who suffer from depression
  • women who are anxious about their future
  • people who suffer due to unhealthy relationships
  • families that are on the verge of a break-down
  • children struggling to cope up with a separated family
  • teenagers doubtful about their sexuality
  • alcohol addicts trying to find a way out
  • rape victims
  • people struggling with a post-accident trauma
  • couples contemplating a divorce
  • elderly who suffer rejection from their children
  • run-away couples
  • people who suffer from feelings of insecurity
  • parents who long for a child

 These people need help. With the grace of God and with a little assistance, these men and women can successfully come out their dark holes and lead a normal, healthy, happy life.

People come to Vailankanni not only to pray for material benefits or physical healing but also to get relieved from their mental agonies and find solution, with the help of Our Lady, to their life-related issues.

It is with the intention of helping these people out that the Shrine's Counseling Centre was started in the year 2004. Initial doubts about its success, if any, were soon eradicated. People started frequenting it in good numbers. Today it is one of the inevitable aspects of the Shrine's pastoral agenda.

Shrine's Counseling Centre functions everyday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Centre's Director. He and his team of 10 well trained counselors who function in different languages offer devotees what has come to be known as the Christian Counselling. As Christians, God is at the centre of our lives. Christian counselling takes this fact and brings analytic skills into a process that helps people understand the source of their problems and find ways to tackle them. Did not the Psalmist say: "Your statutes are my delight; they are my counselors." (Psalm 119:24)

Counselling at the Shrine's Offering Centre can be a wonderful experience; finally unburdening yourself of things that have been plaguing you for years. So, feel free to approach the Centre if you think there is a need. Don't feel shy about it. It is just natural, as natural as asking somebody for direction to go to Adoration Chapel or Lady's Tank. You stand to benefit immensely from the Counselling experience.

You may also receive counseling online by clicking the icon below and flowing the direction.

Strict confidentiality will be observed.

The Centre's Director, will contact you through email and do the needful.