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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A

"On those dwelling in a land overshadowed by death light has arisen"

Saint Columbanus (563-615), monk, founder of monasteries 
12th Spiritual Instruction, 2-3 (trans. Breviary 28th Tuesday)

O Christ, deign to kindle our lamps, our most sweet Savior, that they may shine continually in your temple and receive perpetual light from you, light perpetual, so that our darkness may be enlightened, and the world's darkness may be driven from us. Thus enrich my lantern with your light, I pray you, Jesus mine, so that by its light there may be disclosed to me those holy places of the holy, which hold you, the eternal priest of the eternal things, entering there the courts of that great temple of yours (Heb 9,11f.), that I may constantly see, observe, desire you only, and loving you alone may behold you so that before you my lamp may ever shine and burn.

I beg you, most loving Saviour, to reveal yourself to us who beseech you, so that knowing you, we may love you only, love you alone, desire you alone, contemplate you alone by day and night, and ever hold you in our thoughts. Deign to inspire us with your love so far as it befits you to be loved and cherished as our God, that your charity may possess all our inward parts and your love may wholly own us... May we know no other love apart from you who are eternal so that such affection may be in us as is impossible of quenching even by all the many waters of air and land and sea, according to that saying of the Song of Songs: “Many waters are not able to quench love” (8,7). This can be fulfilled in us, even though only in part, by your gift, O our Lord Jesus Christ.

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