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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday of the Fourth week in Ordinary Time
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"Is he not the carpenter?"


Commentary of the day
Blessed John-Paul II, Pope from 1978 to 2005
Apostolic Exhortation « Redemptoris custos », 22-24 (trans. © copyright Libreria Editrice Vaticana)

"Is he not the carpenter?"

Work was the daily expression of love in the life of the Family of Nazareth... Having learned the work of his presumed father, he was known as "the carpenter's son" (Mt 13,55). If the Family of Nazareth is an example and model for human families, in the order of salvation and holiness, so too, by analogy, is Jesus' work at the side of Joseph the carpenter... Human work, and especially manual labor, receive special prominence in the Gospel. Along with the humanity of the Son of God, work too has been taken up in the mystery of the Incarnation, and has also been redeemed in a special way. At the workbench where he plied his trade together with Jesus, Joseph brought human work closer to the mystery of the Redemption.

In the human growth of Jesus in wisdom, age and grace, the virtue of industriousness played a notable role, since work is a human good which transforms nature and makes man in a sense, more human.

The importance of work in human life demands that its meaning be known and assimilated in order to help all people to come closer to God, the Creator and Redeemer, to participate in his salvific plan for man and the world, and to deepen friendship with Christ in their lives, by accepting, through faith, a living participation in his threefold mission as Priest, Prophet and King. What is crucially important here is the sanctification of daily life, a sanctification which each person must acquire according to his or her own state.


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