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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"On those who dwelt in a land of shadow and of death a great light has shone"
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Saint Romanos Melodios

You have manifested yourself to the world today, my Lord, and your light has appeared to us. Therefore we sing to you before this revelation: You have come and you have manifested yourself, O inaccessible light! (cf 1Tim 6,16)...

In Galilee of the nations, in the country of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, Christ, the great light, has shone, as spoken by the prophet (Is 8,23-9,1); on those who dwelt in darkness a great light has shone, arising from Bethlehem. The Lord born of Mary, the Sun of Justice, spreads his rays over the whole universe (Mal 3,20). Let us who are naked, sons of Adam, let us come, let us put him on and warm ourselves. It is to clothe the naked, to enlighten those who are in darkness that you have manifested yourself, O light inaccessible.

God has not despised the one who, by means of a trick, had been stripped of his clothing in Paradise and lost the robe woven by God's own hands. He comes back to him and calls with his holy voice to the one who disobeyed him: “Adam, where are you? (Gn 3,9). Hide from me no more. However, naked, however poor you are, I want to see you. Fear not; I have made myself like you. You wanted to become god (Gn 3,5) and were not able. Now, because I wanted to, I have become flesh. Come close, then; acknowledge me and say: You have come, you have manifested yourself, O light inaccessible”...

Sing, sing, O Adam; worship him who is coming to you. While you were drawing away he manifested himself to you so as to be seen, touched, welcomed. The one you were afraid of after you had been deceived by the devil has made himself like you for your sake. He has come down to earth to take you to heaven; he has become mortal that you might become God and regain your first beauty. Desiring to open to you the gates of Eden, he dwelt in Nazareth. For all this, sing, O man, sing and praise him who has manifested himself and has illumined all the world.

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