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Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday of the Seventh week in Ordinary Time
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"Help my unbelief!"

Julian of Norwich (1342-after 1416), recluse 
Revelations of divine love, ch. 11 (trans. ©Classics of Western spirituality)
"Help my unbelief!"

For I saw truly that God does thing, however small it may be, and that nothing is done by chance, but all by God's prescient wisdom. If it seem chance in man's sight, our blindness and lack of prescience is the reason. For those things which are in God's prescient wisdom since before time, which duly and to his glory he always guides to their best conclusion, as things come about, come suddenly upon us when we are ignorant; and so through our blindness and our lack of prescience we say that these things are by chance. But it is not so in our Lord's sight. And therefore I was compelled to admit that everything which is done is well done, for our Lord God does everything... And on another occasion he did show sin, undisguised, and the way in which he performs works of mercy and of grace...

I saw most truly that he never changed his purpose in any kind of thing, nor ever will eternally. For there was nothing unknown to him in his just ordinance before time began...  And no kind of thing will fail in that respect, for he has made everything totally good. And therefore the blessed Trinity is always wholly pleased with all its works; and God revealed all this most blessedly, as though to say: “See, I am God. See, I am in all things. See, I do all things. See, I never remove my hands from my works, nor ever shall without end. See, I guide all things to the end that I ordain them for, before time began, with the same power and wisdom and love with which I made them; how should anything be amiss?”

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