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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Saint Joseph, Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Solemnity
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"When Joseph awoke, he did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him"

Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622), Bishop of Geneva and Doctor of the Church 
Conferences, no. 19 (modernized)
"When Joseph awoke, he did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him"

How faithful in humility was the great saint we are celebrating! That can't be said in all its perfection for, in spite of what he was, in what poverty and lowliness he lived all the days of his life! A poverty and lowliness beneath which he kept hidden and concealed his great virtues and dignity... Truly, I have no doubt at all that the angels, beside themselves with admiration, did not come, rank upon rank, to behold and wonder at his humility while he held that dearest child in the poor workshop where he worked at his employment to feed the little boy and the mother entrusted to him.

There's no doubt at all that Saint Joseph was braver than David and wiser that Solomon [who were his ancestors]. Nevertheless, seeing him reduced to the exercise of carpentry who could have discerned it without being enlightened by a heavenly light, so hidden did he keep the remarkable gifts with which God had favored him? But what wisdom did he not have since God gave him his most glorious Son to care for..., the universal Prince of heaven and earth?... Nevertheless, you can see how low and humbled he was brought, more than can be said or imagined...: he went to his own country and town of Bethlehem and no one was turned away from all the inns but he... Notice how the angel turns him about with both hands. He tells him he has to go to Egypt and he goes; he orders him to return and he returns. God wants him to be always poor... and he submits to it with love, and not just for a while for he was poor his whole life long.

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