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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday of the Second week of Len
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"Quickly bring the finest robe and put it on him"

Saint Romanos Melodios (?-c.560), composer of hymns 
Hymn 55 ; SC 283
"Quickly bring the finest robe and put it on him"

How many there are who, through repentance, have been worthy to receive the love you hold for humankind. You justified the anguished publican and the weeping woman who was a sinner (Lk 18.14; 7,50) for, through a predetermined design, you foresee and grant pardon. Convert me also together with them, you who desire that all should be saved.

My soul was soiled as it put on the garment of its sins (Gn 3,21). O let me make fountains flow from my eyes that I may purify it by repentance. Clothe me with the shining robe worthy of your wedding (Mt 22,12), you who desire that all should be saved...

O heavenly Father, have compassion for my cry as you did for the prodigal son, for I, too, am throwing myself at your feet and crying aloud as he cried: “Father, I have sinned!” Do not reject me your unworthy child, O my Savior, but cause your angels to rejoice also on my behalf, O God of goodness who desire that all should be saved.

For you have made me your child and your own heir through grace (Rm 8,17). Yet as for me, because I have offended you, am here a prisoner, an unhappy slave sold over to sin! Take pity on your own image (Gn 1,26) and call it back from exile, O Savior, you who desire that all should be saved...

Now is the time for repentance... The words of Paul urge me to persevere in prayer (Col 4,2) and await you. Therefore with trust I pray for I well know your mercy, I know you come the first towards me and I am calling out for help. Should you delay it is to give me the reward for perseverance, you who desire that all should be saved.

Grant me always to extol you and give you glory by leading a life that is pure. Grant that my deeds may be in accord with my words that I may sing to you, Almighty... with pure prayer, Christ alone who desires that all should be saved.
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