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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday of the Third week of Lent
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"The kingdom of God has come upon you"

Saint John Eudes (1601-1680), priest, preacher, founder of Religious Insitutes
The Kingdom of Jésus, 3, 4 (trans. Breviary, Friday of the 33rd week)

"The kingdom of God has come upon you"

We ought to imitate and complete in ourselves the various states and mysteries of Christ. We should frequently beseech him to bring them to perfection in us and in the whole Church. For, though in his person they are perfected, the mysteries of Jesus have not yet reached completion in us, his members, nor in the Church, which is his mystical body (Eph 5,30). The Son of God plans to make us sharers in his mysteries, and, in a certain manner, continue them in us and in the Church... This is how he wishes to complete his mysteries in us. For this reason the apostle Paul can say that the whole Christ is being brought to perfection in the Church, and that all of us are contributing to his being built up and arriving at full maturity (Eph 4,13)... In another text the same apostle says that by his physical sufferings he is completing what still remains of Christ's sufferings (Col 1,24)...

When he is born again in our souls by the holy sacraments of baptism arid the blessed eucharist, and conforms us to his likeness, the Son of God wishes to complete in us the mysteries of his incarnation, birth and hidden life. He makes it possible for us to live an interior spiritual life, hidden with him in God. He intends to bring to perfection in us the mysteries of his passion, death and resurrection by causing us to suffer, to die and to rise with him and in him. Finally, he plans to complete his state of glorious immortality in us by bringing it about that we shall lead a glorious everlasting life with him and in him in heaven...

Thus the mysteries of Jesus will not reach their completion until the end of the time which he has decreed, that is, until the end of the world. 
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