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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetare) - Year A

"We are the clay and you the potter ; we are all the work of your hands" (Is 64,7)

A homily written in North Africa in the 5th or 6th centuries, wrongly attributed to saint Fulgentius (467-532) 
PL 65, 880
"We are the clay and you the potter ; we are all the work of your hands" (Is 64,7)

He who “enlightens everyone coming into this world” (Jn 1,9) is the true mirror of the Father. Christ passes by as the refulgence of the Father's glory (Heb 1,3) and casts out the blindness in the eyes of those who cannot see. The Christ who comes from heaven passes by that all flesh might see him...; only those who are blind could not see Christ, mirror of the Father... Christ has opened this prison; he has opened the blind man's eyes, who then saw in Christ the mirror of the Father...

The first man was created radiant but, once he had left the serpent, he found himself to be blind. This blind man began to be reborn when he started to believe... The man born blind was seated... without asking any doctor for ointment to heal his eyes... The maker of the world comes along and reflects his image into the mirror. He sees the wretchedness of the blind man seated there begging. What a miracle of God's strength! It heals what it sees and enlightens that which it visits...

He who created the earthly orb has now opened the orbs of the blind man's eyes... The potter who made us (Gn 2,6; Is 64,7) saw those empty eyes...; he touched them, mixing his saliva with earth and rubbing on this paste. The material that was used to form the eyes to begin with has now healed them. Which is the greater marvel: to create the orb of the sun or to recreate the eyes of the man born blind? The Lord, seated on his throne, made the sun to shine; passing through earth's public squares he allowed the blind man to see. Light has come without our asking for it and, even without making supplication, the blind man was freed from his infirmity from birth.
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