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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday of the Fourth week of Lent

"The dead will hear the voice of the Son of God"

Odes of Solomon (Hebrew Christian text from the beginning of the 2nd century) 
N° 42 (trans. ©J.H. Charlesworth)
"The dead will hear the voice of the Son of God"

[Christ speaks:] 
I became useless to those who knew me not, 
because I shall hide myself from those who possessed me not. 
And I will be with those who love me.
All my persecutors have died, 
and they who trusted in me sought me, because I am living! 
I arose and am with them. and will speak by their mouths. 
For they have rejected those who persecute them; 
and I threw over them the yoke of my love. 
Like the arm of the bridegroom over the bride (cf Sg 2,6), 
so is my yoke over those who know me. 
And as the bridal feast is spread out by the bridal pair's home, s
So is my love by those who believe in me. 

I was not rejected 
although I was considered to be so, 
and I did not perish 
although they thought it of me. 
Sheol saw me and was shattered, 
and Death ejected me and many with me. 
I have been vinegar and bitterness to it, 
and I went down with it as far as its depth. 
Death was released, 
because it was not able to endure my face.

And I made a congregation of living among his dead (1P 3,19; 4,6); 
and I spoke with them by living lips; 
in order that my word may not fail. 
And those who had died ran toward me; 
and they cried out and said, "Son of God, have pity on us.
And deal with us according to your kindness, 
and bring us out from the chains of darkness. 
And open for us the door 
by which we may go forth to you, 
for we perceive that our death does not approach you.
May we also be saved with you, 
because you are our Savior.”

Then I heard their voice, 
and placed their faith in my heart.
And I placed my name upon their forehead (Rv 14,1),
because they are free and they are mine.
Source: © 2001-2014
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