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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Thursday
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"He stood in their midst"

Saint Nerses Chnorhali (1102-1173), Armenian patriarch 
Jesus, Only Son of the Father,  §771-774 ; SC 203
"He stood in their midst"

On the evening of the resurrection,
The first day of the week, the Sunday,
You appeared to the Eleven by night
When the doors were shut.

And the first breath
We had lost in Paradise
You bestowed on them once again
And, through them, to our human nature (Jn 20,22).

I, who hold in my soul the doors of the spirit 
Shut to your word,
And who dwell in darkness, without light,
As though in the house of the shades,

Do not leave for evermore
To live without light with the Evil One under my roof,
But open wide the nuptial chamber of my heart;
Make your brilliant light flame up within me.

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