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Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday of the Second Week of Easter
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"Being born of water and Spirit"

Saint Gertrude of Helfta (1256-1301), Benedictine nun 
The Exercises, no. 1, To restore baptismal innocence ; SC 127 (trans. ©Cistercian publications,1989)
"Being born of water and Spirit"

For immersion in the fountain, say: In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Ah Jesus, fountain of life, make me drink a cup of the living water from you so that, having tasted you, I may thirst for eternity for nothing other than you. Immerse me totally in the depth of your mercy. Baptize me in the spotlessness of your precious death... In the water from your holiest side, wash away every spot with which I have ever spotted my baptismal innocence. Fill me with your Spirit and possess me totally in purity of body and soul (cf Jn 4,10; 19,34)...

For the white robe, say: Ah Jesus, sun of justice, make me clothe myself with you so that I may be able to live according to your will. Make me, under your guidance, preserve my robe of baptismal innocence white, holy, and spotless, and present it undefiled before your tribunal, so that I may have it for eternal life.
In receiving the light, you will pray for inner enlightenment. Ah Jesus, inextinguishable light, kindle the burning lamp of your charity within me indistinguishably, and teach me to guard my baptism without blame. Then, when called, I come to your nuptials, being prepared I may deserve to enter into the delights of eternal life to see you, the true light, and the mellifluous face of your divinity (cf Mt 25,1f)…

Lord God, who have made me in such a way as also to reshape me: Ah! renew your Holy Spirit in my heart today... Make me great in faith, rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, delighting in your praise, fervent in spirit, faithfully serving you, Lord God, any true king, and persevering vigilantly with you to the very end of my life. Thus, what I now believe in hope. I may gladly see with my eyes in reality. Let me see you as you are; let me see you face to face (1Jn 3,2; 1Co 13,12). There, dear Jesus, satiate me with yourself; there, in the fruition of your sweet countenance, let there be rest for me for ever. Amen.

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