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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Ascension of the Lord - Solemnity
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" I am with you always, until the end of the age"

Saint Romanos Melodios (?-c.560), composer of hymns 
Hymn 48, The Ascension, 2-4, 7-8 ; SC 283
" I am with you always, until the end of the age"

He who came down to earth – he alone knows how – at the moment of leaving it – how? - he alone knows - took with him those he loved and led them up a mountain... to raise up their heads and hearts... Stretching out his wings, the Lord covered thus, like an eagle, the nest he tenderly sheltered (Dt 32,11) and said to his little ones: “I have sheltered you in my shadow against all harm (Ps 90[91],1): love me as I have loved you. I will never leave you; I am with you; and no one will stand against you” (cf Mt 28,20; Rm 8,31)…

The Lord caused great grief to his apostles by these words. Perhaps they even wept and said...: “Are you leaving us? Are you going away from those who love you?... This is what causes us great sorrow because our desire is to be with you. We seek your face...; there is no other God but you (Ps 26[27],8; Is 45,5). Go not far from those who love you but remain with us and say to us: 'I am not leaving you: I am with you and no one will stand against you...'”

The Lord, seeing the cries of those whom he loved, supported them like a father his children...: “Friends, do not cry; this is not the time for tears... This is my hour of joy: to go to my Father 'I take wings and I will dwell' in my tent (Ps 138[139],9). For I have made a tent from the firmament of heaven..., as Isaiah says: 'He stretches out the heavens like a vault and like a tent to dwell in' (Is 40,22) the God who says to his own: 'I will not leave you: I am with you and no one will stand against you.'”

“Be glad and radiant, put on a joyful countenance, 'sing a new song' (Ps 97[98],1), since all that is about to happen is happening for your sake. For love of you I have descended here and to give you pleasure and be received by you I have gone from place to place. It is for love of you again that I ascend again to heaven so as to make ready the place where I am to be with you: for “in my Father's house are many dwelling places” (Jn 14,2)... Therefore I am going to prepare a dwelling for you and take you there. I am not leaving you: I am with you and no one will stand against you.

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