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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday of the Eleventh week in Ordinary Time
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"He makes his sun rise on the bad and the good"

Julian of Norwich (1342-after 1416), recluse 
Revelations of divine love, ch. 35
"He makes his sun rise on the bad and the good"

All will be well; for the fulness of joy is to contemplate God in everything. For by the same blessed power, wisdom and love by which he made all things, our good Lord always leads them to the same end, and he himself will bring them there, and at the right time we shall see it... Everything which our Lord God does is righteous, and all which he tolerates is honorable; and in these two are good and evil comprehended. For our Lord does everything which is good, and our Lord tolerates what is evil. I do not say that evil is honorable, but I say that our Lord God's toleration is honorable, through which his goodness will be known eternally, and his wonderful meekness and mildness by this working of mercy and grace...

God himself is true righteousness, and all his works are righteously performed, as they are ordained from eternity by his exalted power, his exalted wisdom, his exalted goodness. And what he has ordained for the best he constantly brings to pass in the same way, and directs to the same end... in which righteousness we are endlessly and marvelously protected, above all creatures. 

And mercy is an operation which comes from the goodness of God, and it will go on operating so long as sin is permitted to harass righteous souls... By his toleration God permits us to fall, and in his blessed love, with his power and wisdom, we are protected, and by his mercy and race we are raised to much more joy. And so in righteousness and mercy he wishes to be known and loved, now and forever.

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