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Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday of the Thirteenth week in Ordinary Time
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"The Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head"

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997), founder of the Missionary Sisters of Charity 
Jesus, the Word to Be Spoken, 31st day of the 8th month
"The Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head"

Our Savior's poverty is greater even than that of the poorest of the world's beasts. "The foxes have holes and birds of the air their nests but the Son of Man h as nowhere to lay his head." So it was in fact. He had no house of his own, no fixed abode. The Samaritans had just turned him away and he must seek for shelter. Everything was uncertain: lodging, food. He received whatever he used as alms from the charity of others.

Such  is  indeed great poverty: how touching it is when we think who he is, the God-Man, the Lord of heaven and earth, and what he might have possessed! But it is this which makes his poverty majestic and rich, that it is a voluntary poverty chosen out of love for us and with the intention of enriching us. 

We are blessed in being called to share in our own little way the great poverty of this great God. We are thrilled also at the magnificent vagabondage of our life. We do not roam, but we cultivate the vagabond spirit of abandonment. We have nothing to live on, yet we live splendidly; nothing to walk on, yet we walk fearlessly; nothing to lean on, but yet we lean on God confidently; for we are his own and he is our provident Father.
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