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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday of the Eighteenth week in Ordinary Time

"They are blind guides of the blind"

Duns Scotus Erigena (?-c.870), Irish Benedictine 
Sermon on the prologue of Saint John’s Gospel, 11 

"They are blind guides of the blind"

Saint John, saintly theologian, you called the Son of God first of all « Word of God » and then “life” and “light” (1,1.4). Rightly did you vary these names so as to make us understand by them different meanings. You called him “Word” because it was through him that the Father spoke all things when “he spoke and they were made” (Ps 33[34],9). You called him “light” and “life” because the Son is also the light and life of everything that was made through him. What does he light up? Nothing other than himself and his Father… : he sheds light on himself, he makes himself known to the world, he shows himself to those who do not know him. This light of the knowledge of God departed from the world when man abandoned God. 

The eternal light is revealed to the world in two ways: through Scripture and through creation (Ps 18[19] ; Rm 1,20). The knowledge of God is only renewed within us through the texts of Holy Scripture and the sight of creation. Study God’s words and store their meaning in your heart and you will learn to know the Word. Use your bodily senses to perceive the wonderful forms of those things that are accessible to our senses and you will recognize the Word of God in them. In all these things the truth will reveal to you nothing other than the very Word who made all things (Jn 1,3). Without him you can behold nothing because he himself is everything. He is in everything that exists, whatever it be. 

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