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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday of the Nineteenth week in Ordinary Time

"Be patient with me"

Saint John Chrysostom (c.345-407), priest at Antioch then Bishop of Constantinople, Doctor of the Church 
Homilies on Saint Matthew’s Gospel, no.61,5 (trans. Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers rev.)
"Be patient with me"

Two things Christ requires of us: to condemn ourselves for our sins, and to forgive others; and the former for the sake of the latter, that this may become more easy (for he who considers his own sins is more indulgent to his fellow-servant); and not merely to forgive with the lips, but from the heart. Let us not then thrust the sword into ourselves by being revengeful. For what grief has he who has grieved you to inflict upon you comparable to the one you will work in yourself by keeping your anger in mind…? 

See then how much you gain by bearing meekly the spiteful acts of your enemies. First and greatest, deliverance from sins; secondly, fortitude and patience; thirdly, mildness and benevolence; for whoever does not know how to be angry with those who grieve him will much more readily be willing to serve those who love him. Fourthly, to be free from anger continually, to which nothing can be equal. For of him that is free from anger, it is quite clear that he is delivered also from the despondency arising from it, and will not spend his life on vain labors and sorrows. For he that knows not how to hate, neither does he know how to grieve, but will enjoy pleasure, and ten thousand blessings. Indeed, we punish ourselves by hating others, even as we benefit ourselves by loving them. And besides all these things, you will be an object of veneration even to your very enemies, though they be devils; or rather, you will not so much as have an enemy while you are of such a disposition.

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