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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday of the Twentieth week in Ordinary Time
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"Come to the feast"

John Tauler (c.1300-1361), Dominican 
Sermon 74, in honor of Sainte Cordula
"Come to the feast"

“Everything is ready. Come to the feast.” But the people invited asked to be excused. They went “one to his farm, another to his business”… This astonishing busyness and constant agitation which stir the world are seen, alas, only too often. The prodigious amount of clothing, food, buildings that we have, and the many things, half of which would be ample enough, make one dizzy. This life should be nothing other than a passage to eternity. With all our strength we have to pull ourselves away from this exuberant activity and diversity, from all that is not absolutely necessary, and we must become recollected in ourselves, become attached to our vocation, consider where, how, and in what manner the Lord has called us: one to interior contemplation, the other to activity, and a third… to interior quiet, in the calm silence of divine darkness, in unity of spirit.

Even these latter are sometimes called by God to exterior, sometimes to interior actions, according to his good pleasure, yet the man pays no attention to his call. But if the person who is called interiorly to noble and calm silence in the emptiness of the dark cloud (Ex 24:18) was always wanting to forgo all charitable work because of it, then it would not be good. And unfortunately the numbers of those today who wish to carry out extra works of charity are very rare… The Gospel tells us that the master found one of his guests seated at the banquet who was not wearing the wedding garment. The wedding garment, which this guest was lacking, is pure, true and divine charity, the true intention of seeking God that excludes all love of self and of all that is foreign to God; it wants only what God wants… To those who seek themselves our Lord says: “My friend, how did you come in here without the garment of true charity?” They sought the gifts of God rather than God himself.

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