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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday of the Twenty-first week in Ordinary Time
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Christ calls all of us to conversion

Saint Raphael Arnaiz Baron (1911-1938), a Spanish Trappist monk 
To know how to wait, 25/01/1937 (trans. Mairin Mitchell)
Christ calls all of us to conversion

We lack virtue not because it's difficult, but be-cause we don't wish for it. We lack patience because we don't want it. We lack moderation and chastity for the same reason. If we were to wish it we would become saints; it's much more difficult to be an engineer than to be a saint. If only we had faith!...

Interior life, life of spirit, life of prayer. My God that is what must be hard! It isn't so. Remove the im-pediment from your heart and there you will find God. Everything is now done. Many times we go looking for what isn't there, and on the other hand pass by a treasure and don't see it. This happens to us with God, whom we seek… through a jungle of things which, the more complicated they are, the better they appear to us. And yet we carry God within the heart, and don't look for Him there. Retire within yourself, look at your nothingness, at the nothingness of the whole world, place
yourself at the foot of a Cross, and if you are guileless you will see God…

If God is not there in our souls sometimes, it's because we don't wish it. We have so many affairs on hand, distractions, predilections, vain desires, presumptions, so much of the world within us, that God withdraws Himself; but it is sufficient to love Him, for God fills the soul in such a way that one must be blind not to see it. Does a soul wish to live according to God? Let it cast out everything that is not Him, and then it is achieved. It is relatively easy. If we were to wish for it, and if we were to ask God with simplicity, we should make great advances in the spiritual life. If we were to wish it we would become saints, but we are so stupid that we don't want it, we would rather waste our time over foolish vanities.

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