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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Twenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A
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"Let him take up his cross, and follow me"

The Imitation of Christ, spiritual treatise of the 15th century 
Book II, ch. 12 (trans. Robert Dudley, 1980)
"Let him take up his cross, and follow me"

If you gladly bear the cross, then it will bear you, and guide you to the goal you long for, where suffering will end: which will not happen here. If you suffer in spite, you create your own burden and load yourself the more heavily; and still you must bear it. Throw off one cross, you will surely find another; and it may be heavier.

Do you expect to by-pass what no mortal man can escape? Which of the Saints lacked cross or affliction in the world? Indeed, Jesus Christ our Lord was not without the pain of the Passion for one hour of his life: It behoved Christ to suffer and rise from the dead, and so to enter into his glory. And how is it that you seek sonic other than the royal way, the way of the holy cross?...

But such a one as this, in so manifold affliction, is not without comfort to ease him; for he is aware that great fruit accrues to him from the suffering of his cross. For as he spontaneously submits, the whole weight of his affliction is transformed into assurance of God's comforting… It is not your human strength, but the grace of Christ that has such potent effect on the frail flesh; stirring it to go out and love with spiritual ardour what naturally it ever avoids with horror.

It is not in our nature to bear the cross, to love the cross… Look at yourself: of yourself you can do none of this. But if you trust in the Lord, strength will be given you from heaven, and authority over the world and the flesh. Not even our enemy the devil will you fear, if you are armed with faith and signed with the cross of Christ.

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