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Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday of the Thirtieth week in Ordinary Time

Towards the fulfilment of the sabbath

Commentary of the day 
Baldwin of Ford (?-c.1190), Cistercian abbot 
The Sacrament of the altar, 3, 2 ; SC 94
Towards the fulfilment of the sabbath

Moses said : « The rest of the sabbath day shall be sacred to the Lord. » The Lord loves rest; he loves to rest in us that thus we may rest in him. But there is, too, a rest of the times to come, of which it is written: “From now on, says the Spirit, let them find rest from all their labors.” And there is a rest of the present time of which the prophet says: “Cease to do evil.”

We come to the future rest by means of the six works of mercy enumerated in the Gospel in the place where it is said : « I was hungry and you gave me food », etc…. For “there are six days when work should be done”; then comes the night, that is death, “when no one can work”. After those six days comes the Sabbath day when every good work is completed. This is the rest of the soul.

(Biblical references: Ex 31,15; Rv 14,13; Is 1,16; Mt 25,35f; Lk 13,14; Jn 9,4)  
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