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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday of the Third week of Advent

From the same clay as ourselves

Saint Hippolytus of Rome (?-c.235), priest and martyr 
Refutation of all the heresies, Bk 10, ch. 29 ; GCS 26, 289-293
From the same clay as ourselves

The Logos we know to have received a body from a virgin, and to have remodelled the old man by a new creation… This man we know to have been made out of the clay as ourselves. For if he had not been of the same nature as ourselves, in vain has he ordained that we should imitate him as our teacher. For if that man happened to be of a different substance from us, why does he lay injunctions on me, who am born weak, like those he himself has received? And how could this be the act of one who is good and just? 

In order, however, that he might not be supposed to be different from us, he even underwent toil and was willing to endure hunger; he did not refuse to feel thirst, and found rest in sleep; he… became obedient to death, and manifested his resurrection. Now in all these acts he offered up, as the first-fruits, his own manhood, in order that you, when you are in tribulation, may not be disheartened but, confessing yourself to be likewise human, may also wait expectantly to receive what the Father granted to this Son.
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