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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Baptism of the Lord - Feast - Year B
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See, the Lord is coming to be baptized

A homily attributed to Saint Hippolytus of Rome (?-c.235), priest and martyr
Homily of the 4th century for the Epiphany, the Holy Theophany; PG 10, 852

See, the Lord is coming to be baptized

See, the Lord appears, plain, solitary, uncovered, without escort, wearing the body of man like a garment and hiding the dignity of his divinity so as to elude the snares of the serpent. And not only does he approach John like a lord who has dismissed his royal retinue but he approaches him like a mere man under the dominion of sin, bending his head to be baptized by John. He, seeing such great humility, was struck with astonishment and began to prevent him, saying: "I have need to be baptized by you, and you come to me? " (Mt 3,14)…

Do you see, beloved, how many and how great blessings we would have lost if the Lord had yielded to the exhortation of John and declined baptism? For the heavens were shut before this; the region above was inaccessible. We would in that case have descended to the lower parts but would not have been able to ascend to the upper. But was it only that the Lord was baptized? At the same time he renewed the old man (cf. Rm 6,6) and entrusted to him once more the sceptre of divine adoption. For immediately "the heavens were opened" A reconciliation took place of the visible with the invisible; the celestial orders were filled with joy; diseases were healed on earth; secret things were made known… It was fitting that the bridal-chamber of heaven should open its brilliant gates to Christ the Bridegroom. And likewise, too, when the Holy Spirit descended in the form of a dove, and the Father's voice resounded everywhere, it was fitting that "the gates of heaven should be lifted up" (cf. Ps 23[24],7)…

Pay close attention to me, I beg you…: come, all you tribes of the nations, to the bath of immortality! With this joyful message I bring you good tidings of life, life for you who still live in the night of ignorance. Come from slavery to liberty, from tyranny to kingship, from corruption to incorruption. Do you want to know how to come? How? By water and the Holy Spirit (Jn 3,5). This is the water in conjunction with the Spirit by which paradise is watered, by which the earth is gladdened, by which the world is enriched… It brings us forth into life by causing us to be reborn. It is where Christ was baptized and on which the Spirit descended in the form of a dove.

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