Thought of the day
Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday of the Sixth week in Ordinary Time

"Do you not yet understand or comprehend? Are your hearts hardened?"

I know, O Lord God Almighty, that I owe you, as the chief duty of my life, the devotion of all my words and thoughts to yourself… In our want shall pray for the things we need. We shall bring an untiring energy to the study of your prophets and apostles, and we shall knock for entrance at every gate of hidden knowledge.

But it is yours to answer the prayer, to grant the thing we seek, to open the door on which we beat (Lk 11,9). Our minds are born with dull and clouded vision, our feeble intellect is penned within the barriers of an impassable ignorance concerning your mysteries.

But the study of your revelation elevates our soul to the comprehension of sacred truth, and submission to the faith is the path to a certainty beyond the reach of unassisted reason.  And therefore we look to your support for the first trembling steps of this undertaking, to your aid that it may gain strength and prosper. We look to you to give us the fellowship of that Spirit who guided the prophets and apostles, that we may take their words in the sense in which they spoke and assign its right shade of meaning to every utterance... Grant us, therefore, precision of language, soundness of argument, grace of style, loyalty to truth. Enable us to utter the things that we believe.

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