Thought of the day
Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday after Ash Wednesday

"Then they will fast"

Although it is true that the washing of regeneration is what chiefly makes “people new” (cf. Eph 4,24 – Col 3,10) nevertheless, because there is still for all of us a daily renewal against the rust of mortality and in the path of progress there is no one who ought not always to be better, in general we still have to struggle so that in the Day of Redemption no one may be found in sins of long standing.

What therefore, dearly beloved, any Christian ought at all times to do should now be pursued more carefully and more devotedly, to fulfill the apostolic institution of forty days of fast, not only by scant food, but especially by fasting from sins...To these reasonable and holy fasts nothing is joined more carefully than the works of almsgiving, which under the one name of mercy includes many praiseworthy acts of devotion, so that the spirits of all the faithful can be equal in merit even with unequal means.

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