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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday of the Second week of Lent
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Community life: “You are all brothers”

Homily attributed to Saint Macarius of Egypt (?-390), monk
Third Homily, 1-3; PG 34, 467-470

Community life: “You are all brothers”

In whatever they do, the brothers should be charitable and joyful with one another. Someone who is working will speak like this about someone who is praying: “The treasure my brother possesses is also mine since it belongs to both of us” On his part, someone who is praying will say of someone who is reading: “The benefit he draws from his reading is enriching me, too.” And again, someone who is working will say: “I am carrying out this service on behalf of the community.”

The numerous members of the body make up only one body and support each other by each fulfilling its task. The eye sees for the whole body; the hand works for the other members; the foot, as it walks, bears them all; one member suffers as soon as another does. This is how the brothers should behave with one another (cf. Rom 12,4-5). The one who is praying won't judge the one who is working because he is not praying. The one who is working won't judge the one who is praying... The one who is serving won't judge the others. To the contrary, whatever he is doing, each will be working for the glory of God (cf. 1Cor 10,31; 2Cor 4,15)...

In this way a great concord and tranquil harmony will be formed, “the bond of peace” (Eph 4,3), that will unite them among themselves and cause them to live transparently and simply in the sight of God. Of course, the essential thing is to persevere in prayer. One thing is necessary besides: each must possess this treasure of the living, spiritual presence of the Lord in their heart. And whether working, praying or reading, each must be able to claim they possess that imperishable good of the Holy Spirit.

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