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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Saint Joseph, Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary
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“ Joseph, son of David ”

Saint Bernard (1091-1153), Cistercian monk and doctor of the Church
Homily on the “Missus est”, 2, 16

“ Joseph, son of David ”

There is no doubt that Joseph was a very holy and trustworthy man, since the Mother of the Savior was to be his wife. He was the “faithful and prudent servant” (Mt 24,45), for God established him to be his Mother's support, the foster father of his flesh, and the assistant for his plan of salvation.

We must recall that he was of the house of David. He was son of David not only by bonds of the flesh but even more because of his faith, holiness and piety. God found in him a second David to whom he could confidently entrust his plans, even the most hidden. He revealed to him, as to another David, the mysteries of his wisdom and disclosed to him what no teacher in the world could know. He allowed him to see and listen to things that so many kings and prophets had wished to see and hear but which, in spite of their desire, they had not been able to see or to hear (Mt 13,7); even more, he made him carry and guide, embrace, nurture and protect him. Both Mary and Joseph belonged to David's race; in Mary was fulfilled the promise once made by the Lord to David, while Joseph was the witness of this fulfillment.

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