Thought of the day
Sunday, April 19, 2015

Third Sunday of Easter - Year B

“Why are you distressed?”

When Jesus came to his apostles while “the doors were locked,” and he “stood in their midst”, they “in their panic and fright thought they were seeing a ghost.” (Jn 20:19; Lk 24:37) But when he breathed on them saying: “Receive the Holy Spirit” (Jn 20:22), and when he then sent them that same Spirit from heaven as a new gift, this gift was an indubitable proof of his resurrection and new life. For the Spirit testifies in the hearts of the saints and through their mouths that Christ is the truth, the true resurrection and the life. That is why the apostles, who had first doubted even when they saw his living body, “bore witness to the resurrection with power” (Acts 4:33) once they had tasted that Spirit who gives life. It is much more to our advantage to welcome Jesus into our heart than to see him with our eyes or hear him speak. The Holy Spirit’s action on our interior senses is much more powerful than the impression made by material objects on our external senses…

Now, brethren, what is the testimony that the joy of your heart is giving to your love of Christ? ... Today, so many messengers are proclaiming the resurrection in the Church, and your heart exults and cries out: “Jesus, my God, is alive; they have proclaimed that! At this news, my discouraged, tepid spirit, made drowsy through grief, has come back to life. The voice that is proclaiming this good news awakens even the guiltiest from death…” Oh brethren, this is the sign by which you will recognize your spirit has come back to life in Christ: if it says: “If Jesus is alive, that is enough for me!” O Word of faith, so fitting to Jesus’ friends! ... “If Jesus is alive, that is enough for me!”