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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday of the Third week of Easter
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“My Father gives you the true bread which comes down from heaven”

Baldwin of Ford (?-c.1190), Cistercian abbot, then Bishop
The Sacrament of the Altar III, 2

“My Father gives you the true bread which comes down from heaven”

      God, - whose nature is goodness, whose substance is love, and whose whole life is benevolence - sent his own Son in the world, the bread of angels, “because of the great love he had for us” (Eph 2,4), because he wanted to show us the meekness of his nature and the affection he has for his children. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son” (Jn 3,16).

      This is the real bread that the Lord sent from heaven so that we may eat it...; this is what God, in his goodness, has prepared for the poor (Ps 67,9s). For Christ, who came down form heaven for all men, and to the level of each one, attracts everything to him through his inexpressible goodness; he doesn't reject anybody and he receives all men who want to repent. He gives all those who receive him the most delicious taste. He is the only one who can fulfill all our desires..., and he adapts himself in different ways to one and the other, according to the tendencies, the desires and the appetites of each one...

     Everyone finds in him a different taste...For he doesn't have the same flavor for the one who repents and for the beginner, for the one who progresses and for the one who is at the end. He doesn't have the same taste in an apostolic life and in a contemplative life, nor for the one who makes use of the world and for the one who doesn't, for the bachelor and for the married man, for the one who fasts and for the one who makes a distinction between the different days and for the one who considers all days alike (Rom 14,5)...This bread has a sweet taste because it delivers one from all worries, it heals sicknesses, it eases trials, it assists one's efforts and strengthens one's hopes...Those who have tasted it hunger for it, those who hunger will be satisfied.

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