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Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday of the Third week of Easter
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Becoming one bread, one body

This bread you see on the altar, consecrated by the word of God, is the body of Christ. This cup consecrated by the word of God, or rather its contents, is the blood of Christ. In these two elements our Lord desired to hand over for our veneration and love his body and blood, shed for the remission of our sins. If you have received them with a good disposition then you are what you have received. As the apostle Paul declares: “We are, all of us, one bread, one body” (1Cor 10,17)…

This bread reminds you how much you ought to love unity. Was this bread made out of only one wheat grain? To begin with weren’t there a large number of grains? Before taking on the form of bread, they were separated. It was water that brought them together once they had been ground. If the wheat isn’t first of all crushed and then soaked one can’t give it the shape of a loaf. In the same way, you have been ground down by the humiliation of fasting and the exorcism of the scrutinies. Then the baptismal water came to soak you so that you could take on the form of bread. However, we can’t make bread without fire. What represents the fire here? Holy chrism. For the oil that feeds our fire is the sacrament of the Holy Spirit… On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit was revealed in the form of tongues of fire… Thus the Holy Spirit comes here like fire after water and you become that bread which is the body of Christ. Thus this sacrament is like a symbol of unity.

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