Thought of the day
Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday of the Eleventh week in Ordinary Time

"Store up treasures in heaven"

What are you, then ? Rich or poor ? Many people tell me: “I’m poor” – and they are speaking the truth. I see some poor people who possess a little and I see some who are completely destitute. But here now is someone who is weighed down with gold and silver – oh! if only that person knew how poor he is! He’ll find it out if he looks at the poor person standing beside him. In any case, whatever opulence you may boast, you who are rich, you’re only a beggar at God’s door.

Here, then, is the hour of prayer… You make your requests and isn’t your request a proof of your poverty ? Indeed, you say: “Give us this day our daily bread”! Well then, you who are asking for your daily bread, are you rich or poor? And nevertheless Christ is not afraid to say to you: “Give to me what I have given to you. In fact, what have you brought with you in coming into this world? Everything you’ve found in creation was created by me. You have brought nothing with you and you will carry nothing away. Why are you not giving me what is my own? You are in plenty and the poor man is in need, yet go back to the beginning of your existence: both of you were completely naked! Yes, even you yourself were born naked. Afterwards you found great wealth here below but could you by any chance have brought something along with you? Therefore I am asking for what I have given; give and I will repay.

You had me as your benefactor; make me your debtor at a higher tariff… You give a little to me; I will repay you richly. You give to me the good things of this world, I will repay you with the treasures of heaven. You give me temporal wealth, I will set you over eternal possessions. I will repay you when I have taken possession of you.”

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