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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B
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“Little girl, get up”

“You will not abandon my soul to the nether world.” (Ps 16:10) This word of Scripture is fulfilled in Jesus by the fact that he rose on the third day, before decomposition began. Jesus’ new death led to the tomb, but not to corruption. It is the death of death… This triumph over the power of death precisely where death seems irrevocable is a very important point in biblical testimony…: the power of God, who respects his creation, is not tied to the law of creation’s death.

Certainly, death is the fundamental form of the world as it is at present. But today as always, human beings aspire and seek to triumph over death, its real and not just thought suppression. The resurrection of Jesus tells us that this triumph is really possible, that neither in its origin nor in an irreversible way was death part of the structure of what was created, of matter… In addition, it tells us that the triumph over the limitations of death is impossible to attain by means of perfected clinical methods. This triumph exists only because of the creative power of the Word of God and of Love. Only these powers are strong enough to change the structure of matter in such a radical way that the barriers of death become surmountable…

Faith in the resurrection is a profession of faith in God’s real existence and a profession of faith in God’s creation, in the unconditional “yes” that characterizes God’s relationship to creation and to matter… This is what allows us to sing the Easter Halleluia in the midst of a world over which hangs the threatening shadow of death.
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