Thought of the day
Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday of the Fourteenth week in Ordinary Time

“If only I can touch his cloak, I shall get well.”

Like the woman suffering from a haemorrhage, I prostrate myself before you, Lord, so that you might deliver me from suffering and grant me the forgiveness of my faults, and that I might cry out with compunction of heart: “Savior, save me!” …

She went to you concealing herself, O Savior, for she thought you were a simple human being, but her healing taught her that you are at the same time God and man. Secretly, she touched your fringe, fearing in her soul…, and she said to herself: “How could I make myself be seen by him who observes everything, I who bear the shame of my faults? If the All-Pure sees the flow of blood, he will distance himself from me who am impure, and it will be more terrible for me than my wound if he turns away from me in spite of my cry: Savior, save me.

“When people see me, everyone pushes me: ‘Where are you going? Be aware of your shame, woman, know who you are and to whom you want to draw near now. You, the impure, drawing near to the All-Pure! Go and purify yourself, and when you have wiped away the stain that you bear, then you will go towards him crying out: Savior, save me.’

Do you want to give me greater pain than my own ill? I know he is pure, and that is why I shall go to him, that I may be freed from disgrace and infamy. Do not stop me… from crying out: Savior, save me.

The source pours forth its torrents for everyone. What right have you to stop it up? … You witness his healings… Every day he encourages us when he says: ‘Come to me, you who are overwhelmed with ills. I will be able to give you relief.’ (cf. Mt 11,28) He likes to give the gift of good health to everyone. And you, why do you treat me harshly by preventing me from crying out to him: Savior, save me?” … 

He who knows everything … turns and says to his disciples: “Who touched my clothing?” (Mk 5:30)… Peter, why do you tell me that a large crowd is pressing in on me? They are not touching my divinity, but this woman grasped my divine nature when she touched my visible clothing, and she attained good health when she cried out to me: Lord, save me…

“For now, take courage, woman… From now on, be in good health… This is not the work of my hands, but the work of your faith. For many have touched my fringe, but they did not attain strength because they did not bring faith with them. You have touched me with great faith, you have received good health; that is why I have now placed you before everybody so that you might say: Savior, save me.”