Thought of the day
Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday of the Twentieth week in Ordinary Time

"You will have treasure in heaven"

No one should say to himself, even when he regards others who have left a great deal behind: “I want to imitate those who despise this world, but I have nothing to leave behind.” You leave a great deal behind, my friends, if you renounce your desires. Our external possessions, no matter how small, are enough for the Lord: he weighs the heart and not the substance, and does not measure the amount we sacrifice to him but the effort with which we bring it…. The kingdom of God has no assessment value put on it, but it is worth everything you have... To Peter and Andrew it was worth the nets and boat they gave up; to the widow it was worth two small coins (Lk 21,2); to another person it was worth a cup of cold water (Mt 10,42). The kingdom of God, as I said, is worth everything you have. Think about it, my friends, what has less value when you purchase it, what is more precious when you possess it?

But perhaps a cup of cold water offered to someone who needs it is not enough; even then the Word of God gives us assurance…: “Peace on earth to men of good will!” (Lk 2,14). In the sight of God no hand is ever empty of a gift if the deep places of the heart are filled with good will… Although I have no gifts to offer outwardly, yet I find within myself something to place on the altar of your praise…: you are better pleased with an offering of our heart (cf. Ps 55[56],13).

Saint Gregory the Great (c.540-604), Pope, Doctor of the Church