Thought of the day
Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday of the Twenty-fifth week in Ordinary Time

Mary, mother of Christ, mother of the Church

He who is the fruit of one holy Virgin is the glory and honor of all the other holy virgins; for like Mary, they are themselves the mothers of Christ if they do the will of his Father. The glory and happiness of Mary in being the mother of Jesus Christ shines forth above all in the Lord’s words: “Whoever does the will of my heavenly Father is brother and sister and mother to me.” (Mt 12:50)

Thus he shows the spiritual relationships that attach him to the people whom he redeemed. His brothers and sisters are the holy men and women who partake with him in the heavenly inheritance. His mother is the entire Church, because by God’s grace, she brings forth the members of Jesus Christ, that is to say, those who are faithful to him. His mother is also every holy soul who does the will of his Father and whose fruitful charity is made manifest in those whom it brings forth for him until he himself is formed in them (Gal 4:19)…

Mary is certainly the mother of the members of the Body of Christ, that is to say, our mother, because in her charity she cooperated in bringing forth in the Church the faithful who are the members of this divine head, whose mother she truly is according to the flesh.

Saint Augustine