Thought of the day
Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday of the Twenty-fifth week in Ordinary Time

"The disciples did not understand this saying"

Hear what the Lord is asking: “Even if you fail to recognise my divinity, acknowledge my humanity. See your own body, members, inward parts, your bones and blood in me. If, then, what belongs to God fills you with fear, surely you must love what belongs to you?... But perhaps the enormity of my Passion, caused by you, covers you with shame? Don't be afraid. The cross was not deadly for me but for death. Those nails did not pierce me with pain but with even deeper love for you. Those wounds were not the cause of groaning but let you enter even further into my heart. The spread-eagling of my body did not increase my suffering but opened up my arms to you in shelter. My blood has not been lost to me but preserved for your ransom (Mk 10,45).

“Come, then, return to me and recognise your Father as you see him returning good for evil, love for mockery and, for such great wounds, a greater charity.”

Saint Peter Chrysologus