Thought of the day
Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday of the Twenty-seventh week in Ordinary Time

It is fitting to pray

According to God’s providential design it has been granted to everything that exists to attain its end according to its nature. People, too, in order to obtain what they hope from God, have received a means adapted to the human condition. This condition allows us to make use of prayer to obtain from others what we are hoping for, especially if the other whom we are addressing is superior to us. This is why it is recommended to pray in order to receive from God whatever we hope to receive from him. But the necessity of prayer differs according to whether it is a question of gaining something from another person or from God.

   When a prayer is addressed to another person it must first of all express the desire and need of the one who prays. It also has to bend the heart of the person asked to the point of causing it to give way. But these two elements no longer have any place in prayer offered to God. When we pray we do not need to worry about making our desires or needs known to God who knows all. This is how the psalmist speaks to the Lord: “All my desire is before you” (Ps 37[38],10). And we read in the Gospel: “Your Father knows what you need” (Mt 6,8). Nor is it a question of bending the divine will with human words to want something it did not want before, for it is said in the book of Numbers: “God is not man that he should speak falsely, nor human, that he should change his mind” (23,19).

Saint Thomas Aquinas