Thought of the day
Sunday, October 11, 2015

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B

"You are lacking in one thing"

There is a kind of wealth that is deadly to all: the loss of it salutary. Which, when it makes the soul pure — that is, poor and bare — hears the Savior speaking thus: "Come, follow Me." For to the pure in heart he now becomes the way. But into the impure soul the grace of God finds no entrance because that soul is unclean which is rich in lusts and in thrall to many worldly posessions.

For whoever holds possessions, gold, silver and houses, as gifts of God, witnesses his thanksgiving to God by coming to the aid of the poor. He knows that he possesses them more for the sake of others than his own and is superior to the possession of them, not the slave of the things he possesses. He does not carry them about in his soul, nor bind and circumscribe his life within them, but is ever labouring at some good and divine work. Even should he be necessarily, at some time or other, deprived of them, he is able with cheerful mind to bear their removal equally with their abundance. This is someone who is blessed by the Lord, and called “poor in spirit”, a fitting heir of the kingdom of heaven (Mt 5,3)…

But someone who carries his riches around enclosed within his soul and, instead of God's Spirit, bears in his heart gold or land, and is always acquiring possessions without end, and is perpetually on the outlook for more, never looking up to heaven: such a one is fettered in the toils of the world, being earth and destined to return to the earth (Gn 3,19). How can someone like that be able to desire the kingdom of heaven who, instead of a heart, carries land or metal, and who is due to be surprised by death in the midst of his uncontrolled desires? For “where your heart is, there also will your treasure be” (Mt 6,21).

Saint Clement of Alexandria