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Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday of the Twenty-ninth week in Ordinary Time

Friday of the Twenty-ninth week in Ordinary Time

We give you thanks, Father,
Faithful and full of compassion,
For giving us Jesus your Son,
Our Lord and brother.
His love has been made known
To the poor and the sick, to little ones and to sinners.
He has not turned aside from any distress.
His life and message are our proof
That you are a God who cares for us
As a father cares for his children.
And so we praise and glorify you,
We celebrate your goodness and faithfulness
And in the company of all the angels and saints
We sing the hymn of your glory…

May we who are about to receive his body and blood
be strengthened and renewed in his image…
Grant to all the members of your Church
That they may know how to read the signs of the times
And grow in fidelity to the Gospel.
Make us attentive to all
That, in charity, we may share
Their sorrows and sufferings,
Their hopes and their joys
And may show them the way of salvation.

The Roman Missal 
Eucharistic Prayer C for assemblies of people

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