Thought of the day
Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday of the Twenty-ninth week in Ordinary Time

"If you do not repent, you will all perish"

Alas for me! My conscience accuses me, and Truth does not excuse me so that he can say: "For he knew not what he did." By virtue of the price of your precious blood, therefore, forgive me all my sins, O Lord, whether committed knowingly or not... Lord, truly I have sinned by my own will and much, after I had received the knowledge of the truth, and I have offered an affront to the Spirit of grace. After receiving from him the free remission of my sins in baptism, after receiving the knowledge of the truth, I have returned to those sins “like a dog to his vomit” (2Pt 2,22; Prv 26,11).

But have I spurned you also, Son of God? I have spurned you, if I have denied you, although I should not think that Peter trod you underfoot, for all that he came to deny you. He loved you most ardently even while declaring once, twice, and even thrice that he did not know you... Satan has sought out my faith sometimes, to sift it as wheat; but your prayer has reached even to me, so that my faith in you should never fail (Lk 22, 31-32)... You know that my mind has always wanted to abide in your faith; preserve it in me unto the end.

I have always believed in you... I have always loved you, even when I sinned against you. I shall be sorry for my sin until I die; but I shall never repent of having loved you unless it be because I did not love you as I ought.

William of Saint-Thierry