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Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday of the Thirty-first week in Ordinary Time

Acting prudently

Consider, O man, the one who has lavished his gifts on you. Reflect on yourself. Call to mind who you are, what business you carry out, who has entrusted it to you, why it is that you have been chosen rather than many others. You are the good God’s servant; you are responsible for your serving companions. Don’t imagine that all these benefits are intended for your own stomach. Arrange the good things you have in your hands as though they belonged to someone else; they will give you pleasure for a certain amount of time, then vanish away and disappear. But a detailed account will be asked of you…

“What am I to do?” The answer was a simple one: “I will satisfy the hungry; I will open my barns and invite the poor… All you who lack bread, come to me. Let each one take a sufficient share of the gifts God has granted me. Come and draw water as though at the public well.”

Saint Basil

  • Second Sunday in Ordinary Time Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

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