Thought of the day
Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday of the Thirty-second week in Ordinary Time

God is waiting for the moment of our conversion

 When I contemplate the threat hanging over the guilty in the time of Noah, I myself tremble who am equally guilty of shocking sins... Our Creator warned beforehand the people of that time since he was waiting for the moment of their conversion. For us, too, there will be an end-time, unknown to us and hidden even from the angels (Mt 24,36). In that day Christ, who is Lord before all ages, will come to judge the earth, riding upon the clouds just as Daniel saw (7,13). Before that last hour falls upon us let us beseech Christ, crying: “Save all humankind from wrath by the love you bear for us, O Redeemer of the world”...

      The Friend of humankind, seeing the wickedness prevailing at that time, said to Noah: “The end of all mortals has come before me (Gn 6,13) for the earth is full of lawlessness. You alone are just in all this age (Gn 7,1)... Therefore, take for yourself an imperishable wooden plank and construct an ark...; it will bear the seed of future species like a womb. You will construct it like a house in the image of the Church... I will keep you safe within it, you who cry out to me in faith: 'Save all humankind from wrath through the love you bear for us, Redeemer of the world.'”

      Skilfully the chosen one fulfilled his work...; he cried out in faith to those who had no faith: “Make haste! Turn away from your sins; abandon your wickedness; repent! Wash away with your tears the stain on your souls; by faith be reconciled with the power of our God...” But those sons of rebellion were not converted. They added their hardness of heart to their perversity. From then on Noah begged God with tears: “As in former times you caused me to come forth from my mother's womb, save me once more in this assisting ark. For I am about to seal myself within this form of a tomb but when you call me I shall emerge by your power! Even now I am about to prefigure by its means the resurrection of all humankind when you save the righteous from fire as you will save me from the torrents of evil by rescuing me from the midst of evildoers, I who cry to you with faith, even to you the merciful Judge: “Save all humankind from wrath through the love you bear for us, Redeemer of the world.”

Saint Romanos Melodios