Thought of the day
Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday of the Thirty-third week in Ordinary Time

"Jesus, Son of David, have pity on me!"

Let us listen to those blind men from Jericho in Saint Matthew’s gospel, who were better than many who see. For having neither a guide, nor being able to see him when he came near them, they strove nevertheless to come to him and began to shout with a loud voice, and when they were rebuked for speaking out they called all the more. For such is the nature of persistent souls; those who try to stop them only redouble their determination.

Christ allowed them to be rebuked so that their earnestness might be the more manifest and you might learn that they were truly worthy of being healed. That is why he does not ask them if they have faith, as he so often does: their shouting and attempts to approach him sufficed to make their faith manifest. Learn from this, then, dear friend, that in spite of our lowliness and wretchedness, if we earnestly approach God we shall be able to obtain what we are asking for by ourselves. Anyway, look at these two blind men, how, having none of the apostles to protect them but, rather, many to stop their mouths, they were able to pass over all hindrances and come to Jesus himself. And yet the evangelist bears witness to nothing exceptional in their lives: their fervor took the place of everything else.

These then let us also emulate. Even if God doesn’t immediately grant us what we ask, even if a great many people are trying to dissuade us from prayer, let us not cease beseeching him. For this is how we shall best draw down God’s favors.

Saint John Chrysostom