Thought of the day
Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thursday of the First week of Advent

“It is not enough to say to me: ‘Lord, Lord’ … but you must do the will of my Father”

“Thy will be done.” In all its fullness, this act of abandonment must be the rule of Christian life. It must rule over the day, from morning to night, over the course of the year, over all of life. This must be the Christian’s only concern; all the others are taken care of by the Lord, but this one remains ours until our last day. That is an objective fact. We are not definitively assured of always remaining on the Lord’s path…  During our spiritual childhood, when we have just begun to let ourselves be led by God, we feel his strong and firm hand guiding us. We see in an obvious way what we must do and what we must not do. But it will not always be like that. The person who belongs to Christ must live Christ’s whole life. That person must ripen to the point of attaining Christ’s adult age, and one day must start out on the way of the cross… Thus united with Christ, the Christian will persevere even in the dark night… That is why, even and precisely in the midst of the darkest night, “thy will be done.”  

Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross [Edith Stein]