Thought of the day
Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thursday of the Second week of Advent

The violence that seizes the Kingdom

May nothing prevent you any longer from uniting yourself to Christ… Pray without ceasing, implore with your whole heart, beg fervently until you receive. Don’t give yourself any break. These things will be given you if, first of all, you strive with all your faith to entrust your cares to God and exchange your own foresight with God’s providence. When he sees your good will, when he sees that in all purity of heart you have entrusted yourself to him rather than to yourself and are striving to hope in him rather than in your own soul, then this strength will come, unknown to you, to make its dwelling within you. Then you will feel in every sense the strength of the one who is unquestionably with you. Thanks to this strength many enter the fire and fear not, walk on the waters and waver not.