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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday after Epiphany

"He broke the loaves..., shared out the two fish amongst them all"

[Saint Catherine heard Jesus say to her:] “It is the whole divine being that you receive in that most gracious sacrament under that whiteness of bread. And just as the sun cannot be divided, so neither can my wholeness as God and as human in this white host. Even if the host is divided, even if you could break it into thousands and thousands of tiny bits, in each one I would be there, wholly God and wholly human... Imagine that many people brought candles, and one person's candle weighed one ounce, another's two or six, someone else's a pound, and yet another’s more than that, and they all came to your lamp to light their candles. Each candle, the smallest as well as the largest, would have the whole light with all its heat and color and brightness... Well, this is how it goes with those who receive this sacrament. Each one of you brings your own candle, that is, the holy desire with which you receive and eat this sacrament. Your candle by itself is unlit, and it is lighted when you receive this sacrament. I say it is unlit because by yourselves you are nothing at all. It is I who have given you the candle with which you receive this light and nourish it within you. And your candle is love because it is for love that I created you. So without love you cannot have life.” 

Saint Catherine of Siena