Thought of the day
Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday of the Second week in Ordinary Time

"Is it against the law on the sabbath day to do good... ? to save life ?"

Is God at work, is he laboring on the Sabbath day ? Indeed he is, for otherwise the sky would disappear, the sunlight would fade, earth would lose its compactness, all the fruits would lack their sap and human life would perish if, because of the Sabbath, the constitutive force of the universe ceased to act. But, in fact, that there is no respite. The elements of the universe continue to fulfil their function just as much on the Sabbath as during the other six days. Throughout them all, therefore, the Father is always working, but he acts in the Son, who was born of him and through whom all this is his work… Through the Son, then, the Father’s action continues on the Sabbath day. And therefore there is no rest in God since no day sees the work of God cease. 

This is how it is regarding God’s action. But in what does his rest consist? God’s work is Christ’s work. And God’s rest is God, the Christ, for all that belongs to God is altogether in Christ to the extent that the Father can take his rest in him.