Thought of the day
Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday of the Third week in Ordinary Time

In the middle of the storm

Take courage, my daughters! Take courage! Remember that God does not send anybody more sufferings than what he is able to support and that His Majesty is with those who suffer. You must not fear, but have faith in his mercy that the truth will come to light and will reveal the hidden works of the devil who has sowed turmoil amongst you...Prayer, prayer, my sisters! It is now that humility and obedience should shine in each one of you...

Oh, what a good moment to reap the rewards of the resolutions you took to serve the Lord! Remember that he often likes to verify if the works correspond to the resolutions and words. In this big trial, honor your sisters, the daughters of the Virgin. If you apply yourselves to this, the good Jesus will help you. Although he is asleep on the sea at the time the great storm blows up, he stops the winds. But he wants us to pray him, for he loves us so much that he is always looking for new ways to make our souls progress. May his name be blessed for ever and ever. Amen, Amen.

In all our monasteries, we commend your souls insistently to God. And I have faith in his goodness that he will soon sort things out. So try to be cheerful and tell yourselves that in the end all one can suffer for such a good God is nothing compared to what he has suffered for us, for you still haven't reached the point of shedding your blood for him (He 12,4)...Let Him do, and you will see that soon the sea will swallow up those who wage war against us, as it happened with the Pharaoh.

Saint Teresa of Avila