Thought of the day
Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday of the Fourth week in Ordinary Time

"He began to send them out"

To be an apostle? How? Through those whom God makes available. Priests have their superiors who tell them what they are to do. Laypeople should be apostles towards all those they reach: relations and friends but not them alone; charity is not restricted, it embraces all those embraced by the Heart of Jesus. 

By what means? By the best possible, taking into account those to whom they address themselves. But with all those with whom they are in relation, without exception with goodness, kindness, brotherly love, the example of virtue, and with the humility and gentleness that is always so attractive and so Christian. With some people without ever saying a word to them about God or religion, being patient as God is patient, good as God is good, by being a tender, prayerful brother. With yet others, speaking to them about God in the degree they are able to bear it. As soon as they have started thinking about seeking out the truth then through the study of religion, putting them into contact with a carefully chosen priest who is able to do them good. Above all, see a brother in every person. 

Blessed Charles de Foucauld