Thought of the day
Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday of the First week of Lent

"Your Kingdom come"

If one were to look closely, one would be frightened to see how people seek their own self-interest in everything at others’ expense, in word and deed, gifts and services. They always have their personal advantage in view: joy, usefulness, glory, services to receive – always some advantage for themselves. This is what we look for and pursue in creatures and even in the service of God. People see nothing but earthly things, like the crippled woman the gospel speaks about who was completely bent over towards the earth and unable to raise her head (Lk 13:11). Our Lord says that we “cannot serve two masters, God and wealth,” and he continues “seek first” – that is to say, before all and above all – “the Kingdom of God and his righteousness” (Mt 6:24.33). 

Look into your own depths, therefore, and only seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness – that is to say, only seek for God, who is the real kingdom. It is this kingdom we desire and ask for daily in the Our Father. The Our Father is lofty and very powerful prayer; you do not know what you are asking (Mk 10:38). God is his own kingdom, the kingdom of all rational creatures, the end of all their motions and inspirations. God is the kingdom we are asking for, God himself in all his splendour… 

When someone stands firm in these dispositions, only seeking out, wanting, and desiring God, then that person becomes God’s kingdom and God reigns in him. Then the eternal king who rules and governs it is magnificently enthroned within his heart; the seat of this kingdom is in the very depths of his heart.

John Tauler